Institude of Integrated Mircosystems Funded Project

Project Title:

An Integrated PCR-Electtochemical Microdevice for Simultaneous DNA Amplification and Detection

Principal Investigator:

Prof I-Ming Hsing, Department of Chemical Engineering, HKUST.

Project Duration:

30 months(July 1, 2002 to Dec. 31, 2004)

Project Summary:

In this project, we developed and characterized an integrated microdevice for simultaneous deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) amplification and detection. The realization of such miniaturized device would be of great practical value for point-of-care genetic analysis.

Research Output:

  1. Publication
  2. Student trained

    • Thomas M. H. Lee, Ph.D Chemical Engineering, May 2003. Thesis Title: Sequence-Specific electrochemical DNA Detection and Its Implementation in Integrated PCR-electrochemical Microdevices
    • Lulu Li, Mphil. |BioEngineering, July 2004, Thesis Title: Ag/Au Nanpparticle-based Electrochemical Detection of DN: Its Application in Bioaerosols Recognition

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